Monday, September 2, 2013

What's new September 3rd?

A quick update...

This week will be a 4-day school week.  Because of that, our homework will change a bit.  

Students will continue to do their reading logs this week.  They will be due on Monday, September 9th.  

There will no grammar or root homework this week.  The quiz Tuesday is based on their work from last week.  

Don't forget, students can text me if they forget their homework, or they can check the website.  I'll help them out to the best of my ability. 

Oh, and Sammy the Slug from UC Santa Cruz reminds me...Wednesday is our first 

Wear a College Shirt Wednesday!

My Period 1 is encouraged to bring a t-shirt so that we can decorate them with the UCSC Sammy the Slug (our classroom college mascot).  
A real official UCSC T-shirt can also be purchased for $14.00 from 

It looks like this.

Or, wear a shirt from your favorite college or college sports team - every Wednesday!

Have a great week.  I hope to post again next week.  

Saturday, August 17, 2013

The week...

We've finished our first week.  I believe that the students really understand how to do the homework (article and noun identification).  Next week we add the adjective in between.  Roots continue with -nym-.  We are also adding a reading log to the homework routine.  Students should have their book by Monday so that they don't fall behind.  Rules are printed on the reading logs.  Monday will be their first grammar/roots quiz.  I've showed them an example of what to expect.  Homework packets and reading logs will be collected Monday, August 26th - so make sure they are totally completed by then.  Look for the stamps.  There are good stamps (stars and check marks) and the ELA was not completed stamps (red ink).  That way you will know if their homework was done on time or not.

Open House was Thursday night.  Thank you to everyone who could attend.  I sent home papers to review and sign.  If you were unable to attend, I sent the papers home with the students on Friday.  I'll need the goldenrod copy returned with your (adult) signature.

We had an assembly in which Mrs. Sigala explained the school rules.  She went into a lot of detail.  It was a very informative assembly and students should have a very clear idea of what behavior is expected of them on JMS campus.

We finished talking about (and taking notes on) narrowing down the focus for a research report.  We are doing a report on the Golden Gloves Boxing Tournament so that we have the background information before starting the story "Amigo Brothers".  We also talked about how some sources you find are "Fail" sources - they don't have anything to do with the focused topic, or they may not be "dependable" sources.  We are taking notes as we look at these different sites on the internet in class.

I am really happy with the behavior of my ELA classes.  I appreciate their interest in learning and helping each other.

Contact me if you need any information.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Reading Homework - Fiction book due by Monday, August 19th

Your child should be getting a book for their weekly reading.  
The book should be 
  • 180 pages or more long
  • a fiction book.  
  • If they are less than 180 pages, prior approval is required. 
It is due by Monday, August 19th.  That day I will be passing out the reading logs to begin the weekly reading assignment.  Books are available in my classroom library, our JMS library, the public library, or they can be purchased.